The Importance of Vitamin Intake on Fertility in Men

Eating a healthy and varied diet is one of secret to maintaining good overall health. Therefore, it´s important to mention that in this context there are certain vitamins and food groups that could have a greater impact on reproductive health.

Diet and Fertility in Men

The nutritional status and diet of a man can have an impact on his fertility. Consuming a diet rich in carbohydrates and fiber (contained in whole grains and legumes), folic acid, and antioxidants such as lycopene (contained in tomato, watermelon, orange, peach and guava, among others), combined with consuming fruits and vegetables is associated with better quality semen. It has also been documented that moderating the consumption of animal proteins and fats,  contained in red meat, has greater benefits for fertility.

Consumption of Vitamis  and fertility in men

The consumption of vitamins plays a fundamental role in fertility because they eliminate free radicals, which prevent the oxidation of certain molecules and this, in turn, will generate an important benefit in fertility.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are made during normal cell metabolism. These sometimes accumulate and damage other molecules, such as DNA, lipids, and proteins; and when it comes to fertility, they can compromise sperm function, including motility, alter sperm DNA and generate overall sperm dysfunction.

The good news is that an adequate intake of vitamins and antioxidants can reverse the damage caused by free radicals. Among the best vitamins known we have vitamins C, E and A; and various minerals such as selenium, zinc and lycopene (found mainly in red tomatoes). Vitamins help remove excess free radicals in the sperm and convert them into compounds that are less damaging to cells.

Remember that the consumption of vitamins during fertility processes is very important because it has been shown that the more they are consumed, the greater the benefits. For example, has been shown, that a good amount of antioxidants increases the quality of semen. It is important to mention, there are studies that indicate that the consumption of vitamin E increases the chances of conceiving by up to 20%, because vitamin E increases sperm motility.

Moreover, it has even been documented that the consumption of antioxidants causes a significant improvement in men who have an alteration in sperm quality that translates into a reduction in the number of mobile sperm. So this consumption can considerably improve the chances of conceiving a baby.


The nutritional status and diet of couples can have an impact on their fertility. Eating a diet rich in nutrients from natural origin is very important because it increases the chances of conceiving. Remember that the first source of nutrients should be the diet, good sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables, also, you must include vegetable oils and whole grains, among others.

In the case of not being able to consume a correct and varied diet that contains this type of food, the use of multivitamin and antioxidant supplements as Ferti-l max el  available exclusively in Fertifarma is recommended since it has a positive effect on fertility in men.

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